The chicken raising equipment will bring you a report. According to Wang Tianqin, the person in charge of the chicken farm, since the chicken farm has introduced automatic chicken equipment, the chicken farm is now fully automatic, and the chickens are not allowed to eat and drink. Manpower. The chicken farm is located in Group 6 of Chiyan Village, Baihe Town, Fangxian County. It is mainly engaged in laying hens. Since the introduction of two sets of fully automatic stacked chicken equipment, it has been equipped with high-temperature oxidizing fermenters and filling tanks. Wang Tianqin said that the chicken feed was placed in the tank and the material was automatically added through the automatic feeding line. The chicken manure is transported to the high-temperature oxidizing fermenter outside the chicken room by the automatic conveyor belt at the bottom of each chicken production line. After 9 hours of fermentation, it becomes a powdered organic fertilizer. Wang Tianqin still calculated an account. The chicken farm produces more than ten tons of chicken manure per day, and can produce seven tons of organic fertilizer. According to the 1,500 yuan per ton, the chicken manure can be sold for 10,000 yuan per day. This is not a small income. The original chicken manure can only be used as ordinary fertilizer and can not produce other benefits. Moreover, it is a difficult task to treat more than ten tons of chicken manure per day, but not only the chicken will be produced after the production of organic fertilizer. The problem of manure has been dealt with and can still be sold at a good price. It’s a good way to do both.

There is also a large-screen automatic flushing and cooling device on the wall of the chicken room, and there are countless automatic ventilation windows. Wang Tianqin said that when the summer temperature is high, the large-screen equipment in the chicken room will automatically flush and cool down. At other times, the automatic ventilation window will automatically turn on the cooling. Ye Yong, deputy director of the Fangxian Environmental Protection Bureau, said that the chicken farm is currently constructing a relatively closed buffer room outside the exhaust vents as required, and the problem of odor and dust pollution will be solved by closed spray.
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