On June 16, 2019, the 31st issue of the China Egg Chain Forum Agricultural Economic Salon was held in Chengdu Yuxing Animal Husbandry.

Participants: Prof. Ma Wei from China Agricultural University, Dr. Wang Yujuan, General Manager Xue Baojun of Zhongsheng Group, Ji Jianhua Director of Qiongkou Poultry Industry, Secretary General Hu Wenhui of Egg Chain Forum, Chairman Zhu Yinhua of Yuxing Animal Husbandry, General Manager Zhu Hongqiang, General Manager Liu Qingwei Manager, Zheng Li, Hu Yaoyin.

Zhu Yinhua, Chairman of Yuxing Animal Husbandry

Zhu Yinhua, Chairman of Zhaoxing Animal Husbandry, serves consumers from three aspects: Liguo, Limin and self-interest

1. Liguo: In the past three years, Yuxing Animal Husbandry has cooperated with Deqingyuan to help the poor with the mentality of providing healthy eggs for more people. Among them, 2.4 million laying hens in Chongqing Fengdu, 1.2 million laying hens in Suichang, 1.5 million laying hens in Lixian County, 1.2 million laying hens in Suizhong, and 2.4 million laying hens in Inner Mongolia, including Jinji Poverty Alleviation Project.

2. Limin: Yuxing Animal Husbandry introduces Korean high-tech technology to serve farmers and reduce the price of sorting equipment.

3. Self-interest: Yuxing's ten-year development will expand the white acre production base and serve more farmers.

Dr. Wang Yujuan, China Agricultural University

Dr. Wang Yujuan, Ph.D., China Agricultural University, summed up the “1000 Questions on Egg Consumption”

1. Research situation: The total number of research videos is 620, and 550 effective videos, including 203 problem samples, 347 no problem samples or only 347 sample content samples; 367 questions in 203 questions. The number of questions per capita is 1.32.

2. Consolidation of consumption issues: This survey has a total of 267 questions. According to the classification of the problems, it can be divided into six categories: egg structure, production, circulation, purchase, consumption, and safety supervision. Among them, the production link accounted for 33.33%, the purchase link accounted for 23.6%, and the safety supervision accounted for 26.22%.

Professor of China Agricultural University Ma Wei

Professor Ma Wei of China Agricultural University, "Consumer 1000 Questions" Summary

1. Consumer focus has risen to the upstream of production.

2. Consumers are concerned about the health of eggs from indifference to attention, from concern to concern, from passive to active.

3. Consumers turn to the issue of single attribute to multi-attribute problem, from one problem to multiple questions, the egg chain will also summarize and solve the problem of consumers.

4. From the current academic perspective, turn to the enterprise perspective, enrich the language, and knowledge points.

5. From the current project center, turn to do the real thing and lead the concrete facts.

6. Establish a special issue to let more media publicize and speak.

7. Incorporate more high-quality companies and pay attention to consumer needs.

8. Diversify to solve consumer problems and respond to consumer questions in many ways.

Xue Baojun, General Manager of Zhongsheng Group

Xue Baojun, General Manager of Zhongsheng Group

1. The industry meeting of animal husbandry is repeated and industry integration is needed.

2. As the representative of the egg chain platform, it should serve the industry and become an authoritative and upright brand in the industry. It should also avoid the commercialization of egg chains.

3. The egg chain platform should evaluate the participating companies and protect the egg chain platform.

4. The value of the egg chain platform is to solve the consumer crisis of trust in egg health.

5. The egg chain platform should not be rejected by the joining companies, and should choose high-quality enterprises to join.

3. The egg chain platform should cater to the market and be transformed into a market.

Ji Jianhua, Strategic Director of the Poultry Industry

Hu Wenhui, the egg chain platform, made the following plans for the egg chain platform from the propaganda side.

1. The egg chain platform will open a special edition in the Farmers Daily in July.

2. The egg chain platform will set the charter before July, set up a working group, and there will be a special working group to carry out the propaganda work.

3. The group plans to publish "Consumer 1000 Questions"

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During the meeting, the next issue of the China Egg Chain Forum Agricultural Economics Salon will be held in mid-August and will be held in the poultry industry. Before the next meeting, the “Consumer 1000 Questions” will be further professionally classified, and the Egg Chain Professional Working Group and the Animal Science Section will be established. The egg chain platform will publish “Consumer 1000 Questions” in December 2019. In the future, it will unite more high-quality enterprises, provincial associations to integrate the industry, and add more platforms to promote the egg chain.
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