One person raised 300,000 chickens. In the past, this was a matter of Arabian Nights, but it has become a very common thing since the technology of fully automatic chicken equipment has matured. Traditional animal husbandry covers a large area, management is backward, and the breeding efficiency is low. The manure is not harmlessly treated, which is easy to cause environmental pollution. Modern urban animal husbandry must be developed.

The fully automatic chicken equipment has been intelligently operated from quail eggs, feeding and waste disposal, and even the chickens are automated. With just a click of a button, the automation in the house starts, a conveyor with a cogging loops, and an egg is passed from the house. Immediately afterwards, the automated feeding device starts up. First, a device that is installed outdoors, enters a tube into the house, and the prepared feed is automatically sent to the chicken trough. In the past, more than 300,000 laying hens and broilers were needed, and dozens of people needed to work together. Now only one staff member can complete the operation. The entire chicken farm will be fully intelligently managed, and sitting in the monitoring room can take care of 30. The life of thousands of chickens. It not only saves labor costs, but also improves work efficiency.

The automatic chicken raising equipment can automatically control temperature, control humidity, automatic ventilation, automatic feeding, water supply, automatic defecation, automatic chicken catching, and has achieved automatic intelligentization. In the inside and around the chicken farm, you can't see a little chicken manure and you can't smell it. According to reports, the intelligent farming mode, using advanced management equipment, chicken manure has not been turned into organic fertilizer, and then applied to the field of heating. In the past, traditional farming methods have been eliminated. It is normal for one person to manage hundreds of thousands of chickens.
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